In the Author's Shoes

Cynthia works for the Cathedral of St. John and coordinates the Diocese of the Rio Grande Women's Ministry. She plans, arranges, and directs retreats along with encouraging greater communication across the wide miles of the diocese. 

Her greatest love is telling the Greatest Story in the world, sometimes from an unorthodox viewpoint, through the eyes of the our Biblical ancestors. This allows the reader to experience Bible times, places and events with our faith-ancestors. She also offers study and retreat opportunities to groups. Cynthia has a dozen books of Biblical fiction and other works to her credit. 
"Davis changed my whole view about the characters in the Bible,” says one reader.

Cynthia's husband, Ken, is an artist in wood, oil, and metal. He recently retired and is excited to explore more artistic options. 

You can learn a bit about Cynthia Davis, in this "interview" with an "Interested Reader".

Interested Reader (IR): Cynthia, what first inspired you to write?

Cynthia Davis (CD): I was read to before I could walk. My bedtime ritual was to curl up in my father’s lap for a bedtime story. Later I started adding to the stories with my own sequel chapters. 

I’ve been writing a variety of things all my life. I always enjoyed creative writing assignments in school. As a young mother, I started writing puppet plays and Sunday school curriculum. When my daughters were in school, they were involved in Girl Scouts and I was the PTA president for a few years and I wrote newsletters to keep parents informed. 

IR: What was your first book?

CD: It is I, Joseph was the first novel I wrote. In 2000, I was studying Joseph’s story in Genesis and it struck a chord. I felt that I knew the ‘rest of the story’ and started writing. The journey from Sunday School teacher to published author is an amazing testimony to the Grace and Call of God. I had no idea that I was setting out on an unexpected journey of self-discovery that has stretched my faith and taught me that truly God is ‘in the details’. Each book is a gift from our Lord, which I pray will inspire and entertain readers.

IR: You are also a speaker, right?

CD: Well, speaking to groups used to terrify me, but God has led me to become more comfortable with telling my story and the story of my books since I’ve become a ‘published author’. I speak about my books. I also plan and lead retreats based on my books, and on other topics in my 'hat' of Coordinator of Women's Ministries in the Diocese of the Rio Grande. 

IR: What are some of the topics?

CD: Ultimately it is all about the Story, with a capital ‘S’. It’s about where God’s Story intersects ours. That happens to the men and women of the Bible and to each of us. In my books and in my talks, I try to help people understand that Miriam and Joseph and Leah and Mary were just men and women like you and me, with loves, hates, and day-to-day difficulties and joys. Relating to the ancient Love Story of the Bible helps us to live our lives more fully in relationship with our Loving God.