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Cynthia's books are available from and Cynthia Davis. Most books are available on Contact Cindy directly if you have questions. Click on a title to read an excerpt from the book. (As noted, some are currently out of print.)

A Sampler of Bible Beauty! Bible women, like Lot's daughter, Eve, and Samson's mother share stories and recipes using familiar ingredients in ancient ways. Natural beauty is just a few pages away. ISBN: 978-0-98447-232-1. (retail $12-sale $5)

Interested in learning more about the women of the Bible and their life and recipes? Have a "Meet the Women of the Bible Tea", a "Bible Beauty Workshop", or "Bible Spa Party" at your home with Cynthia Davis. Contact Cynthia for more information.

Joseph of Nazareth finds he must make some difficult decisions when he takes Mary, My Love as his wife. Can he find the faith to follow the call of God? His love for Mary will challenge him and change the world. Finalist in 2010 for Best Historical Fiction NM Book Awards. ISBN 978-0-9844723-0-7 (retail $15.00-sale $5).

Miram’s journey to understanding her talents provides important insight to anyone struggling with the same discernment. Miriam’s Healing revisits the Exodus through the eyes of Moses’ sister Miriam. Study guide now included in the book. ISBN : 978-0-557-00943-5 (retail $15.00) Also available on Study guide included.

A love story within a love story, Naomi’s Joy, is also the tale of learning to have the courage to move beyond the scars of the past. Naomi learns it takes maturity to accept both the good and bad parts of life as she struggles with her past. ISBN:978-1-58288-257-4 (retail $15.00-sale $5)

My Abigail, a tale of adventure and conflict, reminds everyone how important it is to “have the courage of your convictions”. Abigail makes discovers she has to depend on living a life of honesty, despite the consequences. ISBN 978-1-58288-269-7 (retail $15.00-sale $5)

Lester's First Flight is a children's book for beginning readers. a little bird needs encouragement from his mother to learn how to fly. ISBN 978-0-9844723-1-4 ($12 retail) Available from or Cynthia.

From a Grain of Mustard Seed is the history of St. John’s Cathedral is brought to life in a fascinating way, using the words, photos, and memories of current and former members. ISBN: 978-0-557-02763-7 (hardcover, retail $35.50) Also available from

Universal in appeal, the saga of Joseph, his betrayal and elevation to power teaches important lessons about family and how to prosper despite obstacles. It is I, Joseph is the story of how one man discovers love and hope while learning to forgive. ISBN 1-58943-004-2 (out of print) 

Beloved Leah explores the nomadic life style of 4000 years ago through the love triangle of Leah, Rachel and Jacob. More than a love story, Leah learns that love is not dependent on outer beauty, but is the result of believing in yourself. ISBN 1-58288-220-7 (out of print)

Full of intrigue and suspense Rahab’s Redemption, winner of the 2007 NM Book Turquoise Award, is the story of an outsider seeking tolerance in a different culture. Rahab struggle to be accepted as a member of the Children of Israel, despite her different ethnic background. ISBN 1-58288-215-0 (out of print)