February 28, 2016

Scripture Scrapbook-Q and R

MEANS: The amount or number of a material or immaterial thing not usually estimated by spatial measurement.; a certain, usually specified, amount or number of something.
FROM:  Middle English: from Old French quantite, from Latin quantitas (translating Greek posot─ôs), from quantus ‘how great, how much.’

BIBLE VERSE: "Throw the net in on the right hand side," He said, "and you will find fish." So they threw the net in, and now they could scarcely drag it along for the quantity of fish". John 21:6 (also Luke 5:6)

THOUGHTS: The word quantity comes from a root meaning ‘how great or how much’. The quantity of God’s love is certainly greater than we can imagine. In more than one instance this love and care is demonstrated to the disciples in Jesus’ directions about where to fish. When they obeyed him, they were amazed at the quantity of the catch.
Shakespeare says ‘the quality of mercy is not strained’, but I think we could equally say the ‘quantity of mercy is unending’. The amount of grace, mercy, and love from God doesn’t end. It can be easy to fall into the cultural trap of trying to measure ‘how much’ Love God has for me, or for you, or for the person you dislike, or the murderer, or the terrorist. God doesn’t weight out Love-it just is and goes on and on!

PRAYER: Father God, there is no end to your Love. Too often I try to measure it and set a quantity on it. Instead, help me to rest in the knowledge that you are always beside me.


MEANS: depend on with full trust or confidence.
FROM:  Middle English: from Old French relier-‘bind together,’ from Latin religare, from re-(expressing intensive force) + ligare-‘bind.’

BIBLE VERSE: Commit thy way unto Jehovah, and rely upon him: he will bring it to pass;
Psalms 37:5

THOUGHTS: The word rely meant to ‘depend on’ and comes from words meaning to ‘bind together’. For me, this makes me reconsider what I mean when I say ‘I rely on God’… To rely on God is to trust God. More than that, it is tightly binding me to the One who loves me.
If I am binding myself to the Creator of the Universe, it will be a much deeper assurance than when I rely on a friend or computer or car. All of those can fail, but God binds God to us when we rely on God! Amazing thought.

PRAYER: Help me to rely on you, remembering that you bind me to yourself with ropes of Love and will never fail.

 You might take time to journal about the times when you have felt the endless quantity of God’s Love.
Does the idea that when you rely on God, you are binding yourself to God change your concept of relying on or trusting God?

You might find an image that shows how you would express the quantity of God’s love, or how you rely on God.

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