January 3, 2016

Scripture Scrap Booking 101

During this Epiphany to Easter period I invite you along for a time of exploring A-Z Bible words through Scripture Scrap Booking. This will give you the chance to explore what some ordinary words mean to you when looked at in the light of scripture, prayer, and your own life and theology.
Each week I’ll present a couple of words in my Sunday post. You’ll learn what it MEANS. I’ll give you the root of where it came FROM because sometimes that will give additional insight into the word. You’ll get a BIBLE VERSE using the word, and a PRAYER. Sometimes it will be my own prayer, sometimes borrowed from someone else. Finally I’ll provide some questions as SCRAPBOOK PROMPTS that may help you consider what the word means in your life and spiritual journey.
We’ll be doing 2 words a week-in order to be done by Easter, so you may want to do one at the beginning and one in the middle of the week.
Since this is Scripture Scrap book, I’d suggest you make a small (26 page) “scrapbook”. You don’t have to get fancy. Simply a 3-ring binder and some paper will work. You can download the backgrounds I’ve provided (here) or use plain or colored or patterned paper of your own. If you are someone who likes to craft, you can certainly get a beautiful scrapbook. This may actually be something that you revisit as a spiritual aid in years to come. I did one many years ago (see picture above), and I still flip through it from time to time and I’m always reminded of the Grace of God in my life. This time I'm using a small journal from Stampin' Up, but you can use anything you'd like. 

Some steps to a successful Scripture Scrap book:
1.       Say the word aloud. Think about what it means to you before reading the definition or etymology.
2.       Read the definition and etymology. Are you surprised by the meaning or where it was derived from?
3.       Meditate on the scripture and prayer. Stop and think about what they say to your heart and soul.
4.       Now comes the ‘scrapbooking part’. You can print out the word, scripture, prayer, and even the definition and etymology to paste onto the scrapbook page… OR
5.       Think of other prayers, poems, sayings, pictures, scripture that bring that word to life for you. Perhaps you want to sketch something that brings the word to life for you. Write or paste them into your scrapbook… OR
6.       Maybe you just want to write what comes to mind about the meaning of the word in your life today and in the past, so you have more of a journal than a scrapbook. That is fine.
7.       You may decide to ‘embellish’ (to use a craft term) your pages with stickers, ribbons, etc., but it’s not required.

If you don’t like the scripture I’ve provided for the word, you can probably find another scripture by using a concordance, or look up the word in an online Bible like www.blueletterbible.org. Google is a great resource for images that might just fit what you are thinking of-although beware, you can get trapped for hours searching for the perfect picture.
You can, of course, do this with pretty much any word, so if one week the chosen word doesn’t have any interest for you, feel free to find another.

Check out the next post for the first 2 words to get started! 

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