November 30, 2014

Advent 1-Look

As I shared in the last post, there are many online options for devotions this Advent. One that I will be following here is creating a digital Advent calendar using photos that represent, to me, the words suggested in the project. As I think of the words, I will try to be more aware of what is around me so that I can take a photo representing the word.

This coming week the words are:
Look (30 Nov)
Remember (1 Dec)
Imagine (2 Dec)
Thrive (3 Dec)
Abide (4 Dec)
Notice (5 Dec)
Watch (6 Dec)

As a starter, my photo for “Look” is of the Cooper’s Hawk (I’m told that is what type hawk it is) that landed outside my window at work last week. I looked up and there he/she was sitting on the branch! I took a long shot picture from my desk and then literally crept closer and closer to the window until I was able to get a closer picture. It was an amazing gift from God that morning when I had been feeling rather ‘out of sorts’. Come back next Sunday to see what pictures I have found to represent the other words week.
You can do this project yourself! The project invites you to post your photos using Instagram. I probably won’t do that since I don’t have an account, and don’t need yet another digital account to follow. You can also get the ongoing calendar (theirs, not mine) in your inbox in Advent by signing up.

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