July 2, 2009

Triennial Day 1

The day opened with Eucharist. Bishop Howe (National DOK Chaplain) will be doing all the Mediations during the morning Eucharists. As the theme of Triennial is "The Sevenfold Gift of the Holy Spirit", today's teaching was "Holy Spirit 101" based on Is. 11. He reminded us that in the baptismal prayer we are endowed with the 7 gifts of the Spirit. Jesus promised, in Jn. 14:16 that he would send "another advocate (paraclete/comforter) to come alongside and enable and enpower us with the presence of God. This Spirit that Teaches, Testifies, and Renews is the same Spirit (pneuma) present from/at Creation and from then on.

Bishop Howe left us with the question--Does the Holy Spirit have ALL of you?

Mary MacGregor is the keynote speaker and her first talk was on the Wonder, Awe, & Reverence toward the Spirit.

She noted that if we believe that God is living in us AND admit/testify/evangelise to that truth--then we are "Rebels (for Christ)" because we are anti-cultural. MacGregor asked us if we are stuffing down, scattering, or regathering the gifts of the Spirit in our lives. When God is our PILOT (not co-pilot) then we can more clearly see and be who we are created to be--with the Holy Spirit residing in us.

God's Spirit can be found all around--for many the power of Nature is the most obvious place where God is recognized. We need to learn to recognize Christ in everyone--family, church, world, etc. and witness to each one. Every one of us has the Responsibility to tell God's story. We are Story Bearers and have to be willing to change lives by telling God's story.

McGregor closed by quoting Mother Teresa: "You are in God...encompassed, swimming in God."

After lunch, all the candidates for National Council were introduced. Each lady answered 2 questions--How do you stand of giving the vote to all Daughters (regardless of religious affiliation)? and How will you work on building/rebuilding trust in the Council and Order? We will be voting on 15 positions (I think, it is) later this weekend.

The rest of the afternoon was devoted to workshops. I attended one on "Meeting Jr. Daughters where they are"--lots of good ideas that maybe we can use to encourage girls to join. Then a workshop on the Dance of the Spirit, which was entertaining and relaxing.

Tonight is Missions Night. Tomorrow will be a bit more business oriented, with various reports and in the afternoon the 'biggie'--the report of the ByLaws Committee and also presentation of the alternative ByLaws proposed by some of the Daughters, which would make the Daughters an Episcopalian only Order as it was in 1894. We'll see what happens--sparks may fly :)

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