July 26, 2009


It occurred to me this week that there is an imperative from God that echoes through scripture. It is the word "Go." God is active and wants us to be obedient to the call to "Go..."
Throughout the Bible, those who are attentive to God, hear God say, "Go." When they obey they are blessed, as are those around them and those they minister to.

God tells Abram "Go to a land I will show you." -- and becomes the Father of all people.
Moses hears God in the bush say "Go to my people in bondage." -- and the Hebrews are freed from oppression.
"Go across the Jordan." Joshua is told. -- and the Israelites gain a homeland.
"Go anoint Saul as king," God tells Samuel (and later the same commission is given for the anointing of David). -- and the people are led by wise rulers chosen by God.
Each of the prophets hears the order to "Go to my people and say..." -- and the people of Israel hear God's warnings of disaster and blessing.
Jesus tells the disciples to "Go and preach the good news." -- and they go out in pairs to tell of Jesus and the Kingdom and learn that the 'spirits are subject to us'.
Sometimes it is a call to "Go and wait," which can be an even more difficult challenge.
Joseph waited in exile for years before he was made governor of the land and saved the world from famine.
David wandered in the wilderness before he truly was crowned king although Samuel anointed him as Saul's successor many years before.
After his conversion, Paul went to Arabia and waited until Barnabas came for him to start his ministry.

While it may seem that "Go!" is an arbitrary command, there is an implied (and sometimes spoken) second half of the equation. That is the promise "I will be with you" or "I will go before you." God does not force us to go out on our own without any assistance. God is already involved in every action that God calls us to do. The Holy Spirit has paved the way for whatever we are called to do. Our task is obedience--a 'yes, Lord' response to that call to "Go."
In the Great Commission, we are all commanded to "Go into the world."
It is your God-given gifts that are needed to move the Kingdom forward. Where are you being called to 'go' in response to God?

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